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“I started CareNetwork because my team was frustrated with information slipping through the cracks. It’s too hard to mentally keep track of patients and tasks during a busy shift. CareNetwork keeps everything my team needs in one place, accessible from anywhere."

— Dr. Noel Gibney, Critical Care Physician and Founder of CareNetwork


Shared Patient List

A shared patient list with all of your team’s patients. Quickly add patients to your personal list to see who you are responsible for.

Secure Cloud Sync

Any changes are securely synced to our HIPAA compliant servers. This means your team are always up to date with the latest information.


Securely discuss your patients’ care right from our app. Keep the team up to date on what’s happening with your patients even as team members change.

Team Directory

See at a glance who is on service right now and access contact information. Never forget a resident’s name again!

Task Management

Manage what needs to get done for all of your patients, track who is responsible and see when important things are getting done.

Multiple Workspaces

Work at multiple hospitals, or on multiple services? CareNetwork allows you to create multiple workspaces for the various teams you work on.

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Our Story


Dr. Noel Gibney

Critical Care Physician

Founder of CareNetwork

Fellow Physicians,

We developed CareNetwork because of my frustration with the variable quality of patient handovers in a large, busy intensive care unit. I noticed that the quality of handovers was extremely variable, and occasionally did not happen at all. Frequently, important information was slipping through the cracks and I witnessed some scary near misses as a result.

When I reviewed the medical literature it was clear the problem is even worse than I had imagined. Communication and patient handover failures are common and hazardous.  The Joint Commission has identified such failures as major contributing factors in 2 out of 3 sentinel events. It is undeniable that sharing information at handover is a massive problem.

Our patients can deteriorate frighteningly rapidly and it is difficult to access a summary of their clinical issues quickly in our EMRs or paper files in order to respond in a timely and clinically appropriate manner. The apps I use in my personal life are so easy. I felt we needed better tools in our professional lives.

This is why we created CareNetwork. I was dissatisfied with the haphazard nature of patient handover. I knew there had to be a better way of keeping the team up to date on what our patients needed, and who was responsible for providing the necessary care.

Collaboration in the ICU is chaotic and messy. CareNetwork solves this problem with our simple team based task management and collaboration app. Instead of keeping track of my day to day minutiae on scraps of paper that get lost, I punch it into the app and the entire team knows what needs to get done, instantly.

You can get started using CareNetwork for free today. If our free plans are not sufficient for your needs and your organization wants to take advantage of our enterprise plans you can contact us for more information.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Noel Gibney

Critical Care Physician

Founder of CareNetwork

Get your whole team on CareNetwork, for free.

Dr. Noel Gibney Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Noel Gibney

Chief Medical Officer

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